The Emotion Revolution - A New Therapy Paradigm - Transforming Anxiety, Depression, c-PTSD, BPD, Self-Harm, Eating Disorders

 Ever since Freud and the psychoanalytical couch we have been trying to understand the human mind, for a long time however, some of the more important aspects like traumatic memory have been ignored.

Recent discoveries in neuroscience are causing a new paradigm in therapy models, this new phase is also sometimes referred to as "the emotion revolution".

The latest discovery in this area is the different primary emotion systems by Panksepp and how we can use this knowledge to inform our therapies for emotionally dysregulated people, which covers most c-PTSD, Self-Harm, Anorexia, Bipolar or Personality Disorders but also simpler Chronic Anxiety or Depression.

Simple models like IFS used by specialists like Richard Schwartz, Janina Fisher, Frank Anderson were already revolutionary but adding emotion systems theory on top of it advances treatments even further (Sheldon 2022).

Unfortunately because of the evidence-based threshold these theories & techniques have stayed under the radar for a long time but are now slowly reaching more mainstream attention. Therapists or clients new to this material could all benefit from some education about structural dissociation, somatic experiencing or IFS informed models as a requirement. Janina Fisher calls this empowering the client in the form of psychoeducation.